About Us

Excell.Net, established in April 1996, has been proven by the test of time in an industry where longevity is frequently measured in months. Owned, and operated, by Stan and Patricia Shaw of Wilbraham MA, Excell.Net provides responsive website design/development, website and DNS hosting, business email services and IT/Web consulting services.
Patricia A Shaw - Excell.Net Website DeveloperPatricia Shaw has over 30 years of experience in the administration and service fields with a focus on customer service. Patricia's background includes responding to customers' short and long term needs as well as working in administration function with accounts receivable and accounts payable. She directs all customer service support at Excell.Net, including email and phone support, as well as accounts receivable and accounts payable. Patricia is also responsible for ensuring websites developed to Excell.Net's customer's satisfaction.

Patricia is a member of New England Networking Partners, a networking group of local businesses. She had previously participated in BNI for 18 years serving as Vice President, Secretary/Treasurer, Educational Coordinator, Public Relations and on several Membership Committees. In the past, she served as a Director for BNI WMass. In 2012, Patricia served as the acting Executive Director for The Valley Technology Outreach Group and also served on the Board of Directors for this non-profit organization. Excell.Net was a member of the Quaboag Hills Chamber of Commerce for 8 years and Patricia served on the Board of Directors and the Chamber Membership Committee.

Stanley R Shaw III - Technical Director - Excell.NetStan Shaw has over 35 years experience in the Information Technology field and has specialized in the technical aspects. Stan's background includes support of mainframe operating systems, as a technician as well as managing technicians. His experience includes 10 years of IT consulting for fortune 500 companies as an independent consultant.

Stan directs all technical work at Excell.Net, including the implementation and management of the web servers, mail servers, DNS server, routers and switches. Stan is also responsible for technical aspects of website development, including technical standards and web applications.

Stan served on the Board of Directors for the Massachusetts Racquetball Association, and for Valley Technology Outreach. He is the past President of the 928 Owners Club. He developed and maintained the websites for these organizations as well. Stan is a former member of BNI, participating in a number of chapters for over 15 years and serving as chapter President, Vice President, Secretary/Treasurer, Educational Coordinator and on several Membership Committees.

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