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WooCommerce Design & Development

Excell.Net develops WooCommerce ecommerce websites to be used as catalogs or for direct product sales. WooCommerce ecommerce websites are easy to maintain and allow high flexibility to meet the requirements of most business’ needs.

Easily integrated with backend software often used by businesses and well supported merchant services interfaces ensures WooCommerce will be a good choice.

WooCommerce Software Costs

When considering  ecommerce software the low cost of WooCommerce is a significant advantage.  There are no monthly costs for using the software and often the startup software costs are only tens of dollars for extra features.   When compared to Shopify the savings quickly adds up to hundreds of dollars per year!

WooCommerce Initial Development  Costs

The initial configuration of a WooCommerce site can be low cost if no extra features are needed or modestly higher for a custom look with software plugins used to handle tax and shipping needs.  Excell.Net often develops modest entry WooCommerce sites for less than $2,500.  Once the site is developed, there need be no additional cost unless changes are desired.  Annual hosting costs, after the first year, are typically a few hundred dollars or less.

WooCommerce Updating & Updates

Many WooCommerce site owners maintain product changes on their own.  Usually a 1 hour online training session is all that is needed.  Some will also make larger changes on their own, as they are willing to read “how to” instructions online, as there are many such resources.  Excell.Net often handles the more complicated processes for customers when the customer doesn’t have the time or interest.

As with all software, updates need to be applied periodically.  The updates are generally without cost, but the process of installing can be intimidating particularly if the process misbehaves.  Excell.Net often handles such updates for customers, or provides training on how to backup the site and recover if needed.

Please email info@Excell.Net with questions or to request a call to review your E-Commerce plans.

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