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Email Services for Business by Excell.Net

Email is critical to your business.

Whether a sole proprietor working out of your home or a multi-location business with dozens of employees, all need access to their email everywhere and on all devices.

Excell.Net has the email solution for your needs: POP/SMTP, IMAP, Hosted Exchange, Webmail, Encryption, Filtering, and Smart Host Relay. All of our email services are domain based. Use your existing registered domain or we can register a domain for you to use. Providing access to your email wherever you are and whatever device you are using is what you need.

Excell.Net has been providing email services since 1996. We are always reviewing and adding new services, as our customers’ needs changes. The ever growing issue of virus and Trojans through email is addressed through filtering of all incoming email to our customers as well as the ability to filter outgoing emails if desired. Essentially all of our email services can be accessed with multiple clients as well as webmail.  Some customers prefer to keep their email in the cloud. Excell.Net’s offerings include those with expanded storage cloud based email offerings.

Cloud based email services and collaboration software is available, the most common being shared calendars. All of our cloud based solutions provided collaboration offers. The most well-known cloud based solution we offer is Hosted Exchange. Commonly used by businesses with multiple locations, or staff members traveling often, cloud based solutions allow all your email to be access anywhere by any device, even a borrowed device (ie: business center, local library, etc.).

Enjoy the productivity benefits of Microsoft Exchange 2013 and get peace of mind knowing that your email environment is reliable, stable, and fully supported by both Excell.Net and Microsoft with our Hosted Exchange service.

A basic service we offer, since 1996, is POP/SMTP email. This service requires uses of an email client on your computer, or with the addition of expanded storage can be used with webmail. Popular software used with this service includes Outlook, Eudora, Thunderbird, Mozilla, Opera, Pegasus & SquirrelMail. Along with POP/SMTP, most clients can use IMAP as well, and Excell.Net also provides that support.

Businesses needing their own email server often want additional protection.  This additional protection is provided by using Excell.Net as a smart relay. Incoming and outgoing email is processed by Excell.Net’s services first, and the Exchange server can be locked down to not accept any email except from Excell.Net. Along with the extra layer of security is Excell.Net’s support to track problems with deliveries.

Email encryption is a growing sector of email service, whether for “due diligence” or to meet regulatory requirements, many business want the option of encrypting email on demand. This service is available as an add on to many of Excell.Net’s email services.

We can get started with a quote once we know how many email accounts you need, with up to five aliases for each account.

Please email Info@Excell.Net with questions or to request a call to review your email service needs.

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From basic email to cloud based to email encryption services, Excell.Net has a plan for your business.

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