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What is website hosting?

Once a website is developed, it must be hosted on a server connected to the internet to accept user visits 24 hours a day 7 days a week.  

What needs to be considered when selecting a website host?

Performance and stability are key factors.  Consider these topics when selecting a website host:
• Response time.  A poorly developed website may be slow wherever it is hosted.  Ask to review an example of a good responding website.
• Software support.  Does the hosting server have current software available?  Does the host provide 24×7 support?
• Cost.  Website hosting is often “shared” with many other websites to keep costs down.  A high resource consuming website might need more costly hosting.
• Time in business.  Website hosts have come and gone, choosing a website host that has been in a business for many years is a wise move.

Why choose Excell.Net for website hosting?

Excell.Net has been hosting websites since 1996.  Using the power and flexibility of the Internet cloud, Excell.Net can provision any services a website needs.

Excell.Net’s average website hosting customer only needs low cost shared hosting with excellent performance results as determined by independent reporting service GTMetrix.

Excell.Net is focused on keeping software current to minimize website dysfunction or the dreaded hacks due to missing security patches.  Customers may choose to install software patches themselves or utilize Excell.Net to keep their website software current.

Established in 1996, Excell.Net is well established to provide the hosting needs of business websites.

Does Excell.Net offer other website services?

Excell.Net develops, maintains and perform search engine optimization (SEO) for many websites.  Whether a simple business profile website or a complex catalog e-commerce website, Excell.Net has been handling these tasks for decades….  and continues to adapt to new technology constantly.

Please email info@Excell.Net with questions or to request a call to review your website hosting plans.

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