WordPress Website Maintenance

WordPress Website Maintenance

Why is WordPress website maintenance Important?

  1. Maintain security of website to unauthorized access – resists hacks, viruses, etc.
  2. Ensure website functions as designed – resolves flaws in software and updates for continued compatibility

How much does WordPress website maintenance cost?

Most of the WordPress website maintenance we perform is $250 or less.

The cost can be higher, depending on two key factors:
1. The complexity of the WordPress website – number of plugins, customizations, etc.
2. The age of the WordPress website software.

How often should a WordPress website be updated?

Excell.Net advocates WordPress website maintenance whenever security updates are provided or every 3 months.

Excell.Net has many customers that choose to only have maintenance applied for security reasons or once per year.

Excell.Net does have some customers that “roll the dice” only putting on updates when the website becomes dysfunctional.  This can be very costly.

How long does website maintenance take?

Most WordPress website maintenance is completed within an hour and not during prime time use of the website.

Excell.Net advises customers to hold off on any changes, take a backup of the site, then put the updates available on a few at a time, so we can most easily identify issues and the causes.

Excell.Net performs a quick review of the website, and advises the customer to perform a more thorough review.

Excell.Net intent is to minimize downtime while efficiently updating the website.

What website maintenance includes:

Commonly updated is WordPress, all WordPress plugins, WordPress theme(s) as well as underlying software when appropriate, such as MySQL, PHP, Google Analytics, etc.

Does Excell.Net perform other website maintenance?

Excell.Net also provides content updates, social media posting and advertising, as well as other software updates.

Excell.Net has performed maintenance and content updates on: Joomla!, Drupal, as well as other less popular Content Management Software (CMS).

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Website Maintenance is important to the security of your website & ensures the site functions as designed.

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